Epifanes Epoxy HB Coat – 750ml

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A preservative High-Build two-component coating based on a modified epoxy resin. Excellent anti-corrosive properties. Quick drying and with a high solids content. This allows the required dry layer thickness to be achieved quickly. High mechanical and chemical resistance.

Quickly build up a water- and vapour-tight layer thickness on polyester, blasted or hand-derusted steel, aluminum and (bonded) wood, inside and outside, above and below the waterline. As osmosis protection and repair on polyester. Also suitable for concrete floors.

Packaging; 750ml

Epifanes D-601 dilution

Recoat; After 6 hours at 18°C. with all Epifanes two-component products

Coverage; 6m² per liter @ 85 µm dry layer thickness

Colour; Light grey

Mixing ratio by weight
88 parts base A: 10 parts hardener B

Mixing ratio by volume
100 parts base A: 20 parts hardener B.