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CLX Extra-Fast Cure: 18 min pot life, 2 hr tack-free time, recommended Full Cure 7 days @ 25°C.

CLF Fast Cure: 21 min pot life, 4 hr tack-free time, recommended Full Cure 7 days @ 25°C.

CLS Slow Cure: 43 min pot life, 8 hr tack-free time, recommended Full Cure 7 days @ 25°C, Post cure recommended.

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Product Code : EK-CLR-1


Description :

Clear Laminating Epoxy - Size 1 - 1.47kg

Clear, general use, laminating epoxy for composites, coating, and adhesive applications. CLR is a Super Sap® Formulation.

Product Overview

CLR Clear Laminating Epoxy is our flagship, high-performance, clear-coating epoxy system. A Super Sap® Formulation, the CLR system is a water clear, UV-stabilised epoxy system for applications that require a low-colour, low-yellowing epoxy such as high-colour applications. This system features a quick air-release and world-class UV resistance package. 

CLR works with multiple hardeners to match your working parameters. It has an ideal viscosity for a wide range of applications that use hand layup techniques with fast, room-temperature cures.

Available in CLX (Extra Fast), CLF (Fast), and CLS (Slow) cure speeds. Hardener speeds can be combined to customise working times.


Two-part epoxy resin kits are comprised of CLR Clear Laminating Epoxy Resin and CLF (FAST), or CLS (SLOW) Hardener. Choose from the drop down below.

Best Uses

  • Fibreglass Composites

  • Carbon Fibre Composites

  • Natural Fibre Composites

  • Clear Coatings

  • Fibreglass Boat Repair

  • Adhesives and Sealants

  • Surfboards, Stand Up Paddle Boards, and Handplanes

Application Tips:

  • For best results, measure the two components by weight at the correct mix ratio.

  • Always mix product for at least two minutes, scraping the container to ensure complete mixing.

  • Try to use the product in a controlled temperature environment within the optimal specifications of the product. Avoid high humidity or cold ambient temperatures.

  • For optimal bonding performance, be sure the surface is dry and free of dirt, debris, and oils. Mechanical preparation of the surface from sanding is highly recommended.

  • Build sample coupons using proposed materials and processes to fully understand the curing characteristics of the epoxy in your working environment and compatibility of the epoxy with other materials.



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